College Admissions Mentoring

Admission into a dream college has immensely changed in terms of the process, the costs of education and the competition amongst applicants. Today pursuing a higher education is no more limited to options in India alone. Whether it is building a comprehensive college list, getting the best essays, or evaluate financial aid our packages at Goalisb College Consulting can help you meet your goals. Talk to us in more details and learn how Goalisb College Consulting can assist you.


Individual Attention

We work with every student as an individual, understanding their needs and perspectives. Our comprehensive services include every part of the application process important for the student.

College  Selection

College selection is tedious process which takes into account individual interests and preferences. We work with you to understand the academic profile, career aspirations.

Essay Assistance

Brainstorming on the essays, application strategy best fit schools and the best essays requires assistance from an expert. Avail editing, review and essay writing assistance.

Applying to Scholarships

Well planned approach to school selection results in a lower cost of education. We evaluate merit based, regional scholarships and other options to choose from. 

Career Counselling

Enquiry into the career paths and options that a prospective student can avail is an important part of our process. Tools and techniques when used offer much more credibility to the process.

Interview Preparation

Interview is an important part of the application process. Our experts hand hold the students in interview preparation with relevant insights into the formats specific to different schools.

Profile Enrichment

Combination of summer programs, interest certifications, AP courses, SAT test prep prepare the students to apply successfully to their dream colleges. Profile enhancement is extremely important.


Since 2018, Goalisb has provided clients with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. 

Arushi Verma


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Connect with us for a discussion on college selection, career mapping, essay assistance, recommendation letters, resume writing, financial aid and summer enrichment programs. Our Independent Education Consultant assists you with application to liberal arts education in India and abroad, common application and coalition application process.