Ashoka University

What is the Ashoka University admissions process like?

The Ashoka University admissions is holistic admissions. No one test or one component one assessment with serves as a cutoff for the criteria for Ashoka University Admissions.


The Ashoka University application form has a load of components:

1. Personal details,

2. Class 10th 11th. 12th academics,

3. Any gap year information if applicable,

4. Academic achievements and

5. Any non academic achievements.

6. Standardised tests,

7. Letter of recommendations are also an equally important feature.

8. Thinking skills assessment. It's a 90 minutes test paper which consists of 40 questions. 

9.  On the spot essay in Ashoka University admissions gives a choice between two prompts. The on the spot essay writing test is followed by a personal interview. Click here to know more about the liberal arts education in India.

How should one write the Ashoka University application essays?

The Ashoka University application has personal essays. Ashoka University wants to know what innovation of what you went to what do you think would impact the world around you. Try to divide the writing for having different responses between the thoughts of the prompts so that the response for  the second prompt is not the same as the first.  Get in touch for assistance on Ashoka University Essay/Personal Interview (PI)

How important are extracurricular activities in the Ashoka University admissions?

Extracurricular, academic non-academic activities and interests and engagements are very important. Ashoka University already knows the things that you've done in your school and outside of you school and essays is not really about that. The Ashoka University ideally wants you to think outside of these activities and the things that you've already done. In the extracurriculars  section Ashoka University admissions has a short description boxes where you can write up to 50 words and tell them more about the sort of engagement you've done with that particular activity. 

I was rejected at Ashoka University last year as I applied in the last cycle and I plan to apply this year as well. Will it affect my candidature? How does Ashoka University consider the gap year in applications?

Ashoka University takes your application as a fresh application does not matter that you've applied there previously and therefore your application reviewed from a different lens. It's a fresh application for Ashoka University.  Ashoka University admissions would like to know what you've done in that one year, and how are  you different now.

Ashoka University would be keen to know what kind of activities you have engaged in and how did it add value to your application. Therefore reapplying to Ashoka University does not impact your application in any manner but the school will be interested in knowing what you how did you sort of make use of that gap year. 

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