FAQ - Ashoka University and other Liberal arts colleges in India

Is Plaksha university better or Ashoka University?

​Plaksha University is a relatively newer University which will have its first academic year in the August of 2021. Ashoka University on the other hand has established its mettle in academic delivery and leadership mentoring with its undergraduate programs and Young India Fellowship. To say which is better is a bit preemptive as of now. 

Does Ashoka University give a student fees discount if they are a domicile of the state of Haryana?

​Domicile is probably not a criteria for the student fees discount. Ashoka University gives scholarship which are merit based and need based to deserving students for sure.

What are the chances of admission into Ashoka University after one is called for the interview round?

The chances of admission are quite dependent on the applicant's performance in the interview. Interview is a critical part of the application process. In terms of a percentage you can assume that  it is a 50 percent chance of rejection or acceptance depending on how ell you had knit your story and convinced the interview panel.

​Do we have to take exams for co curricular activities at Ashoka University?

There are no exams for co curricular activities however, if you are participating in any events you can be awarded recognition based on your participation and leadership you have demonstrated the decorum of the event.

Is there any way I can get into Ashoka University through any kind of jugaad?

No. Admission to Ashoka University is a merit based performance process which one has to apply through various stages of application. The academics, extra curricular activities, essay responses, letter of recommendation all play a very important role in the admission process. 

What is the cross access policy at Krea university?

KREA University has a cross disciplinary approach to Arts and Sciences. This allows the students to learn through a multi disciplinary approach. KREA University offers the SIAS program - School for Interwoven Arts and Sciences where students can opt for a 3 year BA Honors or a 3 year BSc Honors with one further year of advanced study in the fourth year.

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How many students who were applying for undergraduate courses abroad are not expected to apply to Ashoka University due to the pandemic 2020?

A lot of students who would have planned to apply abroad would apply to Ashoka University due to the pandemic. The number of applications has increased to Indian universities has actually increased as the VISA processes have become more difficult during the pandemic.

​For how many days will Ashoka University conduct in a particular city

Ashoka University conducts classes on its campus in Sonipat, Haryana. Due to the pandemic the classes are being held online.

​Are all India topper in 12 get free education in Ashoka University?

You have to apply for the merit based scholarship. Being a class 12 all India topper definitely makes a good case for you to qualify for a scholarship.

Salaries of creative writing professor at Ashoka University

Salaries are paid at Ashoka University according to the acumen and the experience of the professors. Same applies to the creative writing professors.

​Students of Ashoka University option on the fees of the university in India

Fees for Ashoka University can be paid online according to the semester due. The details can be made available at the school student portal and the accounts office.

​Is it okay to apply for Ashoka University Haryana for second year directly in an undergrad course?

You can apply for a transfer to the second year at the discretion of the University.

Does Ashoka University accept students with low scores for Ma economics?

Ashoka University has a criteria for excellent academic scores. Students with low scores might not be accepted at the school.

​Can I fill up the form for undergraduate course in Ashoka University second time if the first application form somehow goes wrong?

If you have already submitted the incorrect form you should talk to the Admissions office regarding the correction that you want. If you have yet not submitted the form you can always edit the form till you have hit the submit button.

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How hard is it to get admitted to Ashoka University?

Ashoka University is one of the topmost private Universities and its admission procedure is to a certain extent competitive. The University tags along the Holistic admission procedure to assess each applicant at all levels. The candidates are assessed on the basis of their preceding educational performance, extra-curricular activities, qualities, etc.

The admission procedure is divided hooked on 2 stages:

  • Application Stage

  • Interview Stage

Application Stage:

  • In this, candidates are requisite to apply in support of admission via registering themselves going on the Website of Ashoka University.

  • Candidates must fill their individual details, contact details, educational performance details, extra-curricular activities, and upload appropriate documents to hold up them.

  • Candidates are also requisite to reply 3 mandatory essay questions prearranged in the application form.

  • Candidates also necessitate providing information on appropriate individuals who can be contacted for reference in the application form.

  • Present applicable SAT/ACT test score. It is not compulsory to appear for these tests.

Candidates shortlisted on account of information made available in the application would be called for interview.

Interview Stage:

Interview Round consists of 3 parts:

  • On the spot Essay Writing- It is compulsory for candidates to appear in support of essay writing. Two topics are prearranged on the spot and candidates are requisite to put in writing an essay on any one of them within 30 minutes. It is carried out to assess the decisive thinking, intelligibility of thought, and ingenuity of candidates.

  • Ashoka Aptitude Test- It is a highly optional test of 90 minutes that takes account of 20 problem-solving questions and 20 decisive thinking questions. It facilitates to weigh up the judgment skills of applicants.

  • Interview- Applicants are requisite to appear for compulsory interview amid the panel. The interview is carried out to know the candidate better and to assess different parameters of the information submitted by the candidates.

So, at this moment you can make out that to dig up admission into Ashoka University you ought to have a good educational and extracurricular performance. For the interview round, you necessitate to be well-versed about the recent happenings of the world and be self-assured at the same time as presenting yourself in front of the panel.

Ashoka is similar to any other major university. They declare that academics are not the whole thing, although it is in fact given a lot of weightage. They wish for a well-rounded personality and educational is only one ingredient of the 'holistic admission procedure.

Your marks should reveal that you've been a time and again good student or that you've been improving every time if you've not scored that fine in 10th/11th. You need to make obvious that you have management qualities.

Our advice is that to make things easy and straightforward, you need to apply in the early hours in the procedure. This is for the reason that Ashoka's educational session starts in August. If you dig up an offer earlier than your 12th public exams, then you will be at a spot to accept or refuse your offer.