KREA University

What are the criteria for KREA university admission?

Krea University Admission is managed via a team of specialised admissions counsellors led next to the Dean of Admissions. Faculty at Krea University plays an important role in the selection of the class.

Checklist for KREA University admission:

  1. Class 12 Marks – CBSE, ISC, or any other equivalent board have to submitted at KREA Chennai

  2. Class 10 Marks – to evaluate educational achievement in a wide range of subjects (sooner than specialization).

  3. Essay submission for KREA University admission – students have to submit essays that are premeditated to weigh up the student’s personality, attentiveness, attitudes.

  4. On the spot essay – focusing on a case study to make sure that an applicant is ‘able to think carefully. .

  5. Personal interview at KREA Chennai – an Interview by way of a panel of staff/admissions personnel.

  6. Letters of reference – 1 letter from a professor; 1 from a referee outside the institution who has made a difference in the candidate’s life.

  7. Parent letter – 1 letter from the parent affirming their hopes for their wards at KREA Chennai.

What are the key partnerships that KREA University has?

  1. KREA University has partnership with Nottingham Trent University, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Utrecht Summer School (Netherlands).

  2. KREA University has come up with its exclusive interwoven learning procedure facilitating deep proficiency in selected concentrations with open based awareness

  3. KREA University has educational partnership in the company of James Cook University, University College Cork, Ireland

  4. KREA University students will also be exposed to a variety of co-curricular activities, such as seminars, lectures, performances, recitals via approaching/ well-known scholars and artistes

  5. KREA University Chennai signed partnership amid The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values to twist jointly the moral principles into university’s curriculum.

  6. KREA University Chennai has a partnered “Yunus Center” Dhaka, Bangladesh to arrange a Yunus Social Business Centre(Krea), which will add to the learning experience meant for students at Krea University.

  7. Krea University students have a prospect to apply and learn at King’s College London UG Summer School. Students can choose interim modules all through their summer break.

How are the KREA University placements?

The Career Services Office (CSO) at Krea University placements attempts to make an arrangement for real-world internship and immersion opportunities intended for UG students. It is Krea University placements well-built confidence that students learn more as a result of immersing themselves in a ‘real world’ learning surroundings, which will be accomplished as a result of creating more opportunities amid the real world and the class room.  Students take up internships or projects at some stage in summer breaks. Krea University’s vision is to deal with the challenges and opportunities of the latest century, and set a worldwide benchmark in higher education in the approaching years.