Liberal Arts Colleges

Busting some myths

Liberal arts colleges in India are a relatively new format. Across the world however there are many liberal arts colleges. 

Liberal arts college meaning an institution offering multi disciplinary education with no fixed curriculum and giving the option to the students to choose their mix of courses that they want to study.

Liberal arts courses include subjects like mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, economics, languages, communication skills etc.

Liberal arts colleges being new in India are becoming a leading choice for undergraduate study. Students in Liberal arts colleges can choose from a wide range of subjects as per their interests. Some liberal arts courses offered are as below:

  1. Business Studies

  2. Economics 

  3. Economics and Environment Studies

  4. History 

  5. Philosophy

  6. Politics 

  7. Politics and History

  8. Social Studies

  9. Biological Sciences 

  10. Chemistry 

  11. Computer Science 

  12. Physical Sciences -Physics and Chemistry

  13. Environmental Studies

  14. Mathematics 

  15. Physics 

  16. Psychology 

  17. Global Arts 

  18. Literature 

  19. Literature and Arts

Liberal arts careers might have nothing to do with arts. Liberal arts careers range from data analysts, consulting, teaching, education, writing, media and publishing, computer science and entrepreneurship.

Liberal arts career options

Liberal arts colleges in Mumbai: Flame University and Ahmedabad University are close to Mumbai, however some liberal arts colleges in Mumbai are NMIMS Jyoti Dalal School of liberal arts, ISME.

Liberal arts colleges in Bangalore: Christ University and KREA University Chennai.


Liberal arts colleges in Delhi: Shiv Nadar University, Ashoka University, OP Jindal School of Liberal Arts.