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Updated: Jan 18

Liberal Education Opportunities At Ashoka University

Liberal education is an impactful learning regime that changes the way students grasp concepts and implement them. Ashoka University has become a leading institution for students to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level courses based on the liberal education framework. This article gets into greater detail on gaining an education at Ashoka University. Start your preparation for Ashoka University by knowing more about the University.

What are The Liberal Education Programs At Ashoka University?

Education at Ashoka University aims at providing a 360-degree development of the students. This development is not limited to intellectual learning but also personality building and co-curriculum excellence. There are various courses that students can enroll in for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level studies.

What are the Undergraduate Programs At Ashoka University?

Built with the basis of liberal education all the undergraduate courses aim at multidisciplinary learning for the students. The university requires students to finalize their degree majors by the mid of their second year of studies. This helps ensure that every student gets complete exposure to all the possibilities for their curriculum.

There are varied options available for students to choose their major and minor subjects from. However, to successfully complete their undergraduate degree the university mandates the students to complete 7 different foundation courses and 2 co-curricular courses in their program.

Various critical thinking seminars are also organized by the university to promote problem-solving and skillful thinking.

At Ashoka University students can gain their Bachelors degree including B.A. or B.Sc in one of the following 12 major subjects:

  1. Biology

  2. Chemistry

  3. Physics

  4. Computer science

  5. Economics

  6. History

  7. Political Science

  8. English

  9. Philosophy

  10. Mathematics

  11. Psychology

  12. Sociology & Anthropology

Apart from the above mentioned major subjects students also need to select a minor subject for their undergraduate degree program. One of the following subjects are available to choose as a minor:

  1. Creative Writing

  2. International Relations

  3. Entrepreneurship

  4. Environmental Studies

  5. Media Studies

  6. Visual Arts

  7. Performing Arts

How hard is it to get into Ashoka University?

The criteria and processes of admission are based on the holistic ideals and principles of Ashoka University. The level of participation, extracurricular activities, desires and ability of all applicant countries in their specific life trips will be assessed. All applicants will be evaluated. Ashoka University values the ability of critical thought and intellectual curiosity, intellectual rigour, ability to learn, problem solving interdisciplinary approach and team work in its applicants. This it tests throughout the application process. The application process at Ashoka University includes the submission of an online form with information about academic scores, extra curricular activities, essays and recommendations, followed by the Ashoka assessment test, the on the spot essay and the interview. After this long process, the application receives the result about admission to Ashoka University.

The application deadlines for Undergraduate programs at Ashoka University are as below:

November 18, 2020

January 11, 2021

April 7, 2021

May 23, 2021

Get in touch with an expert to start your application.

Young India Fellowship

  • Eligibility:-

  • Have an acknowledged undergraduate degree or similar in any discipline (you may be a final year student at the time of application).

  • Not more than 28 years of age on 31st August, 2021 (Students born on or after 31st August, 1993 may apply).

  • Selection Process:- The Admissions Cycle has 4 Rounds. We motivate all International Students to apply in Rounds 1 & 2 to make sure that, if shortlisted and offered admission to Ashoka University Course, they have sufficient time to receive acceptable support with their overseas travel and visa processes.

  • Timeline:- Application Forms for Ashoka University's Undergraduate Programmes for the university session Starts in August 2021 are open. Use the APPLY tab to register yourself and start to fill in your application form.

  • Financial Aid:- The Financial Aid policies and procedures for International and Indian students. All financial aid given by the university is requirement based while admissions related decisions are excellence based. Admissions decisions are not upon the students application for financial aid. If you would like to apply for financial aid you will be given the Chance to do so only if you have been made an suggestion of Admission to the Undergraduate Programme. If you are made an Offer of Admission, you will be given the option to specify your interest in applying for financial aid and will need to fill out and submit a large Financial Aid Form to support your request. You will also be required to attach certain documents according to your family's current financial status. Please fill in all the related details accurately.

  • International Students:- The Young India Fellowship has a growing and vibrant community of international students. Countries represented in our international community include the United Kingdom, United States of America, Ireland, France, Pakistan, Ukraine, and more. If you are an international student, the YIF is a valuable opportunity for you to experience a multipurpose education that has a worldwide outlook, while being embedded in Indian morals. Please contact the office of admissions, we look forward to connecting with you. ​​

Financial Aid:- Ashoka University is committed to making its world-class education accessible & affordable for students from all walks of life. This is made possible through our need-based Financial Aid philosophy.

While admission to Ashoka University is based on academics, extra-curricular activities and other holistic principles, financial aid is assessed entirely on the basis of the financial standing of the student’s family.

A candidate’s ability to pay is assessed based on various financial resources available to their immediate family, including current income, savings, investments, and education loans , to finance the expected educational cost. Our endeavour is to provide necessary financial support which can help admitted candidates bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and their ability to pay.

A financial aid commitment of INR 250 crores raised through collective philanthropically has helped over 3250 students achieve their dreams by availing financial aid from the institution.

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